Give Yourself a Reason Why You Should


  • What are you willing to achieve?

    We’re not only creative artists, but we’re a service provider.  AvalosPhoto has always understood the importance of photographs in our lives. We also understand that you are here for a reason and selecting a photographer that meets your needs is very important.  We would love to be that photographer creating beautiful images with you.  We think it’s important to develop a friendship with our clients. It’s this friendship that allows us to openly communicate and talk about what it takes to make each image look amazing.  We don’t bury our heads behind the lens, say nothing and hope for a few #luckyshots.   It’s the insight from your photographer, it’s the knowledge of the raw ingredients that go into the image which  is the difference.

     So, lets talk about insight, the results of any photo shoot is immensely dependent upon the person being photographed.  If the person is unwilling to take the photographers direction, then no success will be achieved and the client will be unhappy.    Preparing a positive attitude is very important, and an honest relationship with your photographer can speak volumes. If you are having a bad day, everyone knows it.  If you bring someone, make sure they are encouraging and supportive of you.  If the person brings with them a wonderful attitude, the best portraits can be achieved.



    From a technical aspect, the photographer must select the right lens, framing, iso, aperature and shutter speed while, verifying the strobe refresh strength and link to the camera and testing lighting ratio’s against the subject’s skin. On the subject we are checking their hair, neck, shoulders, hands, positioning and facial expression.  From a communication standpoint, we need to communicate why the image is not working and keeping a client from becoming self conscious looking into the barrel of an incredibly large lens during this process.


    During the holiday events, you will hear the same stories with your families during celebrations. There is something comforting about those stories. It’s because those images in your head are about a state of play. How we play and record play is a big deal.  In a real state of play what shows is a smile when you are at your best.   The people that will actually see your photograph will know you at the best and worst but it’s the state of play that reminds them of the memorable moments in your life.  The photographs will show the beautiful smiles and remind you about the happiest of times in your life.